“Jaguza” is a Luganda word meaning “Rejoice”

Rejoice because of the hope for a better future. A future that is meaningful, a future that is restored.

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phyWe understand that having shelter and eating a healthy meal is essential to growing strong bodies and developing minds; and so we work to ensure the children at Jaguza receive healthy meals, medical and dental care, clean water and safe shelter, providing ways for each child to thrive.

edcnThrough an emphasis on quality education, we invest in the future of children, so that they might break free from the cycle of poverty. With quality education, they are significantly more likely to become. Self-sustaining individuals who give back to their community. We thus strive to provide each child with the tools they need to succeed.

spirMany orphaned children suffer from psychological issues as a result of past neglect, even abuse. We enable family-style living for the children, enough hands and hearts to help them work through their deep hurts while preparing them for the challenges of the future; and when needed, counselling for the really hard things in their life. Our goal is that each child would be restored fully.

At Jaguza, the care we give, the work we do; with your help; transforms the lives of the neediest orphaned children in Uganda. With a transformation that restores them to a life of purpose.

Jaguza Children’s Ministries, is a holistic child development program that was initiated in Uganda as a response to the ever-increasing number of street, orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda. We extend the love of Jesus Christ, the feeling and support of a family, and the hope for a better future to the neediest children in Uganda. We believe simply providing a child’s physical needs isn’t enough; by providing holistic care through extending the Love of Jesus Christ, Influence through education, and spiritual empowerment, we are able to truly Restore the children to their God given leadership potential hence transforming the generation of tomorrow.

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